a reDesign for Korochka Tavern

Lisa and Kendall were my very first clients near the end of the last of my days at Seattle Central College. Over beers and a couple of varieties of their finest perogies on the table, we discussed the needs and direction of the kind of site they wanted to represent Korochka Tavern on the web.

Korochka Mobile Landing Page Design

Wireframing Initial Designs with the Use of Adobe XD

Korochka Mobile Landing Page Design

Responsive Design to Optimize Mobile Food Ordering

Functionality & the Rash of Covid-19

Low Touch, Reusable, at Your Service!

Keeping Up With Popular Design in Restaurant Culture with Covid on the Rise

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a reDesign for Korochka Tavern

This lovely gem tucked away in the charm of Fremont of Seattle in Washington needed a redesign of its existing restaurant site. After outlining, several iterations of wireframes, and implementing their particular brand, this was the result of our work together.

Standoff: Book Release New Design

Working with a Human Rights Lawyer from Vancouver, BC in need of a site to support the launch of his latest book, Standoff, was a challenging gig, but one directing glorious purpose in doing and supporting work that matters.

Transforming Cities from Within Design

This build was abundant with moments when the expanse of design mentality and optimization of user experience reached beyond their margins with this Velo/Wix developed platform.