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We navigate the open waters of developing the internet to create a broader, more accessible, and dynamic experience.

With wireframe iterations, visual analyses, implementing creative color/ image treatments, and conducting A/B testing, we can strengthen information architectures from protosite to live pages.

An excellent knowledge of CSS, SASS, HTML, and a well-informed sense of PHP and Javascript, will build your site into just what you and your audience are searchg for in a lasting pleasant impression!

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Accompanied by a keen force in delivering heuristic and comparative analysis data, I’ve worked a little over two years beside teams of graphic and web designers to go beyond the client’s expectations.

Perfect Mockup of Author Site

This has included the eyes and minds of web developers who have nurtured a strength in communication between back/ front-end development and UX/ UI design.

Let's lift your vision to the vast platforms of the web!

As UX/UI Front End Designer for Korochka Tavern...

By preparing proposals, wireframes, visual analysis, color and image treatments, and constructing card sorts, we improved the information architecture and experimented with a protosite designs for ways to increase the taverns online traffic and sales.

Conducting usability tests accompanied by prepared data reports, I presented improvements to apply to highten user’s experience when visiting the site.

As Project Manager— Homeward Pet Adoption Center...

Managed a team of five designers and developers to meet deadlines in card sorting, comparative analysis, heuristic evaluations, and data reporting.

Working For You!

Alongside multiple iterations of mockups, we achieved collecting A/B testing data and metrics using Morae and assisted in preparing project proposals and usability reports to improve user experience.

As Database Administrator and Content Manager...

Managed a subscription database for the client’s site to inform the fanbase of upcoming events using an email marketing platform.

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Strategically made creative developmental decisions to enhance the website by editing content, providing detailed notes, and alterations to wireframes to dynamically refine the experience for the user. Not limited to managing a WordPress network, I assigned securities to limit editing/ administrative access and established all site plugins/ integrations.