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Anyone can get the attention of the user...

Homeward Pet Adoption

Homeward Pet Adoption Center’s goal is to find homes for animals. How well Homeward Pet’s information architecture functions has an impact on their rate of animal adoption.

Based off the results of a card sort, I determined how effective Homeward Pet’s existing website information architecture met user expectations.

  • Heuristic Evaluation
  • A/B Testing
tablet view on bed

After comparing the data of the card sort to their current navigation, I deduced design recommendations to present to the company for more effective flows to increase adoption success!

...I want to harvest "the why" with UX/ UI design methodologies to figure "the how" in keeping user interests piqued.

Villa Verdi

At the beginning of the pandemic, Lake City/ Seattle, Washington’s Italian restaurant Villa Verdi enjoyed an increase in business. Deeper into the international situation, owners became concerned with the drop in sales pertaining to their online orders after the spike of the virus.

tablet view on bed

    Issuses Addressed

  • No mobile or desktop photos of menu items
  • Prices don’t match from mobile to desktop on the menu page.
  • Approximate delivery count-down not displayed at check-out

Absent images of menu items were replaced with high definition photos of their own taken by the owner’s photographer daughter. Coded Chrysalis Design took the photos for enhancement and edit for placement on the web. Going further, our team created multiple iterations of image and text treatments to


Korocka Tavern

With a greater sense of what users expect when they land on specific pages, we’re able to construct with more precision, intuitive sites keeping traffic up with the least amount of clicks.

Less clicks make for happier guests who will return, while suggesting to others to use to get their information, food and to-go drink orders!

Card Sort Matrix

The information provided by the participants in this study presents a clear set of data to help with how we can design the site. These results represent percentages of where site content is expected to appear.

Korochka Mobile Mockups